The door knew it was about to be banged open. As it occurred, and as the boy marched into the room – all red and furious, the fan prepared itself to rotate, the bed softened for him and the tablet, which was in conversation with the penstand on the table, knew it was to be of immediate service.

He unapologetically picked the tablet and threw it to the bed. Next, his phone was retrieved from the jeans’ pocket and was made to fly on to the bed as well. The wallet and keys went shooting into the corner stand, hitting the wall and sliding down the way. 

He switched on the fan and leaped on to the bed.

The ceiling fan saw him pick up the tablet, and instinctively open WhatsApp. 

The fan saw him close the chat window capped by an image of a purple orchid. Two seconds (eight rotations) later, it also saw him close WhatsApp on his phone too. 

Before the display switched to the home screen, the fan caught glimpse of a photo on the chat window on the phone; it was the boy himself. 

The door got ready to be banged again. But this time, the boy was gentle on it. 


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