Day and Night

It was a bright Sunday morning; the kind that latched people to their beds for an extra hour. It had rained late in the night, leaving everything mildly cleansed. Leaves held onto drops of water, but willing to roll them down at the slightest of movements.

The Husband stretched himself while still on the bed, loathing the idea of a Sunday mass. The News Reporter read about the massacre without empathy. The Narcissist checked his sun sign prediction for the day. The Groundsman sweated profoundly as he rolled the cricket pitch – his hands were on the metal bar and mind on the ailment. The Realist sipped her tea, frowning at the idea of attending the fancy wedding, where masked faces greeted each other amidst overdone showmanship.

Suddenly, everything stopped. TV, fan, car, tap, game, chat, sleep, everything. The world sensed it. And then, there was fog everywhere – on the sky, the screens of TVs, computers and mobile phones, on mirrors, everywhere. As the world wondered, God spoke, heard crystal clear to one and all, “I had to. It has become that pathetic. All of you. So this, is the Intervention you needed. Sigh.”

The Driver grumpily changed the radio channel, only to hear the same voice again; he turned down the volume, in vain. The Lazy chewed bits of his nails, wondering whether or not to check for the source of the voice. The Sister ran to wake up her elder sibling, who was already listening. The Maid continued the grating, unbothered. The Drama Queen shrieked, startling her room mates.

“This hasn’t happened in quite a while. So congrats, on what you’ve made of the world. I had assumed this wouldn’t be needed. My bad. Let me not flood the world or hire an epidemic. This time, let me make it simple. You’ve given me names and forms, and donations. Now condense. All, into two things. Two life hacks, as you like to call it. And one getaway. Condense it all.”

The Beggar stared at the sky – unmoved and anticipating. The Barber had his eyes glued to the tiny TV on the corner, as did the Sunday’s spree of customers. The Wife’s heart pounded, like a pressure cooker in need of release of steam. The Liar listened, subconsciously revisiting his recent conversations. The Beautiful paused her morning jog and stood smiling and amazed, sweat tickling down from her forehead.

“I’ll start with the relief. The getaway.” The world breathed in unison. “That biggest worry, the one which rushes to your mind when I say the word ‘worry’ – bury it. It’s forgiven. Forgotten.”

The Drunkard glanced at the bottle beside him – which was empty, and then at the bottle which was not. The Butcher was surprised to find himself staring at the lamb tied to the bars that now hooked its skinned mother. The Son sat facing his parents at the breakfast table, thinking of what was rolled and hidden in his college bag. The Policeman instinctively checked the watch, which did not belong to him. The Atheist stood bewildered.

“Oh, I’m already sensing some relief. Okay, here is the first life hack.” Pause. “Serve humans. Not me. Period.”

The Minister was reminded of his oath, and shuddered. The Procrastinator nodded, while checking what day it was. The Blogger scribbled a change in the ending of her article, noting to add a ‘Thank God’ in the closing. The Father was alone and in tears, wondering if he was to serve, or to be served, after all that life had given and taken. The Flirt uninstalled multiple Apps from his phone; reality was harsh on him.

“And lastly.” Another pause, as the world awaited. “Do. Not. Lie. Hashtag lifehack, hashtag follow. I hope I won’t need any more of such detours. I’m the Nameless, the Formless, and if required, the Merciless. Ciao.”

The Grandmother nodded and looked around, as if she had prophesied it all along. The Salesgirl considered quitting her job, citing ‘greater good’ as reason. The Lover experienced an epiphany; it had to end – no more lies. The Gay sighed in relief; her day looked brighter now. The Honest continued, unwavering.

And the world became normal; except that people didn’t. It was Divine. It was the Refresher. So it all changed. Everyone realised that an Intervention was all that was needed. The entire race united in harmony. They shrugged off their ego, spoke the unavoidable truth, exchanged goodies, included others in selfies, turned generous and took pride in spreading happiness.

That night, they knew they were to have the most peaceful sleep. As their eyes welcomed the dormancy, they realised it was all so simple – to be happy at the end of the day. It was the best sensation they had ever experienced. They all thanked the God and closed their eyes.

In the morning, they woke up smiling. Awake on their beds, some thanked the God, some wondered if it was all a dream, some looked forward to the day and some continued the smile for no reason.

The rest – a few – turned sceptic.


To be continued…on its own.



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