A Slice of a Super Life

Not everything is “super”, for superheroes.


ട്ടയർ മൊട്ടേണ് | Tyre Mottene

I woke up with a sense of liberation. No alarm or roomie awoke me, for a change. The sleep had the freedom to drain off completely. That, was not normal, with the job ongoing. But today is, I remembered as I resolved things around me, Deepavali. I looked around. The array of mattresses lay empty […]


I don’t think we forget anything. Ever. Everything that happens – every face that we come across, every word spoken and heard, every incident we were part of, all remain etched in some corner of our incredible brains. They wait there, expectant, to be recalled, like a lover’s eye would long when someone special is […]


“A Banca boat…wooden…”  I repeated my wife’s words, trying to imagine the Philippine mode of transport. “Yes.” Smita exclaimed. “It’ll be perfect! Plus the offer is good.” “How much is it for?” I asked, falling for the bait. “Its original price is 17K, but now it’s available for 10K!” She was obviously smitten. “Hmm….but do […]