Scientists – those relentless beings who keep improving their own achievements, like Yelena Isinbayeva, have now found out that it takes just 13 microseconds for the human eye to comprehend what it sees. That’s pretty fast! So what does the brain do, the rest of the time? There’s an answer for that too. They say […]

A Slice of a Super Life

Not everything is “super”, for superheroes.


Uncle Awan was a hero. Throughout my childhood, he was my favourite member of the family, and I felt more connected to him than with my brothers. He taught me cricket, gave me my first ever wallet and took me to movies, where I always got a large tub of popcorn and a lime soda. […]

ട്ടയർ മൊട്ടേണ് | Tyre Mottene

I woke up with a sense of liberation. No alarm or roomie awoke me, for a change. The sleep had the freedom to drain off completely. That, was not normal, with the job ongoing. But today is, I remembered as I resolved things around me, Deepavali. I looked around. The array of mattresses lay empty […]


I don’t think we forget anything. Ever. Everything that happens – every face that we come across, every word spoken and heard, every incident we were part of, all remain etched in some corner of our incredible brains. They wait there, expectant, to be recalled, like a lover’s eye would long when someone special is […]


The door opened. Stefan had noticed it had been closed for a while, though he was comfortably couched on the sofa in the living room. He had assumed Tanushree to be taking a nap; after all, she wasn’t at her best today, skipping food and seemingly tired. But his guess couldn’t have been more wrong, as in […]


The Express raced past the last few stretches of buildings and box-shaped houses that remained of the Coimbatore city. Gradually, greenery gained prominence, gratefully from the first rays of light of the day. Kerala was approaching. Amar Inside the last AC Two Tier cabin, in the rear seat, sat Amar. He was wide awake; a […]