The city lights looked promising. Like on every day. They were quite ordinary when up close, each light serving a purpose. But here, from my balcony, 36 stories up – no matter whether they lighted a bustling street, or a window that projected the melancholy of urban lives, or even the moving searchlights atop the […]


She was at her workstation, eyes glued onto one of the three monitors facing her. The silence in the room was intimidating. Calmness. Storm. Damn! I would’ve been happy being one of those monitors; one – she’d be glancing towards me at the moment, two – the electronic me wouldn’t have to experience the freeze […]

Dichotomy – A Fan-fiction on Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar

I did not know what woke me up. It could have been the wind that freely entered the room now, or  a startling dream that I could not recollect. Or was it the melancholy of the sight I was about to see? I did not want to sleep, to begin with. But the sight to […]